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A Japanese Summer: To The Onsen

Ah. Another year late post but I did promise annneonet that I'll update here once I get another post of my trip up.

Isn't it ironic that I'm actually free to update this on a Wednesday? *grins* It's my dad's birthday today and I declared myself a day off from work. Dad must be honoured. He should be. LOL. Hmm.. off to get a cake now.

Ain't it pretty?! An actual shot off my camera. Too unreal. Makes me missed Japan all over again. Oh well, here we go!
Click here for some naked adventure. Wooot?!?

Well, what do you expect, we are going to the hot springs after all.

I Had A Monday

Just got home from work, had my dinner, took my bath and hey! it's already time for bed.
(It's been awhile just I had a working Monday like this but at least it was cosy.)

Halo from the Highlands!

It's proven! Guys are totally even fussier than gals when it comes to cooking. Hah!

"Why is the garlic being chopped into such big pieces?"

"Who puts onions into spaghetti sauce?"

"Who doesn't?"


Lesson learnt: Never have more than one person in charge of cooking. Eh no. Scratch that. Never have more than one guy in charge of cooking.

Now if only I have taken the pictures with my phone instead of the camera. No photos till I get back home and back to the internet world. *sadface*

On a second note, twitter is the devil. And I'm loving it. Follow me at twitter.com/VinTwits

On a third note, Happy Birthday to that certain someone.. May you continue to enjoy the best of what life has to offer.. Obviously with your 'hoes'. *snickers* duh. How I wish I have internet access to post a comment to you but all I can do from the highlands is send emails from my phone.

It's silly how I have more time to sit and blog when I don't have internet access. *lol*

A Japanese Summer: Kyoto Walk

"...In Kyoto, when you walk on the street,
every corner... every street, you will find Japan."

With a scenery as such, you kind of expect a samurai to walk right pass you, and yet it will still feel so right. Lost in time. Back to the Edo era. Well, we did get the next closest thing, Geisha! *grins*

YES. This is yet another one of my many awesomely slow update on the trip. Shoot me! Ah.. but before you do, click to read!

One and a Half Freaking White Hair!!

Arggh..and this is not the first time I've been caught "aging". It's pretty depressing actually if you think about it ... *sigh* BUT! Positive Thinking my friend. It's all in the mind. White Wisdom I'll call it. *roll her eyes* Yeah right. Clickie!

Was Poofed... or Pooped.

Shopping is way tiring then working. Physically.
Working on the other hand, kills mental power. (-_-);;

Either way. I'm tired out.

And to sum it up, I'm a daddy's girl. *hearts*

Clickie for full explanation of the above randomness. ^^;;

Kitsune! Kyoto! Yatta.

I'm more than half a year late but oh well. I still need to blog this as a memory.

It's finally a day out in Kyoto! Though we started the day venturing to the outskirt of town, to the famous temple of foxes aka kitsune. If you're an anime fan, you'll probably remember how Sakuragi name-called Rukawa as "Baka kitsune" or if you're a fan of Japanese food, you'll probably came across "Kitsune Udon" in the menu. And, NO! There's no fox meat in that soup of noodle. It seems like one of the main ingredient, the aburaage is a favourite among foxes, and thus the name. ^^;;

Maa... enough of the rambling.. on to the post!
Click on picture to go to posto!

You Ride a Bike, She Carries It!

Ahahaha... another adorkable moment caught on camera! *grins* I'm getting good at these kind of stuff. Clickie here to see the cutie.

On a side note, waking up at 4.30am in the morning on a holiday is waaaaaay wrong. Heck, it's even earlier than normal working days! What ですゆ。>__<

SEE! Even my camera's vision is blurry. Ahahaha... even my phone is sleepy. *yawns*
I need to update on this post in my blog soon as in tomorrow! MUST! No more procastinating. *dies*

Sinful Pleasure...

Muahahaha... and it's not what you're thinking. Maa... I promised to post this up three days ago, but *rolls eyes*... me and updates don't click so well. *grins* Anyway, better late than never. Clickie for a taste of sinfoolness. *gets bricked*